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United we stand

By Julia Bushueva

Fairytales……… of a New Yorker…

Hello everyone… My name is Julia, I'm 38 and more then a half of my life I lived in United States the city of New York. Pretty much I grew up in Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs in NYC. When I completed my high school in Russia my family moved to USA. While being in college studying computer science, and meeting new friends, I got drowned into American life, leaving nothing behind as Russian. I stopped using Russian language, about 2 years later, from the time I came to NY. I do speak Russian, but prefer English.

Pro english or everyday english

There is big difference between pro English or just everyday English. Every educated person in USA speak pro, but only at work hours, as soon as they around their friends and family everyone speak as any teenager speak, including slang.

Yes…. It's true… Not just Russians, others too. You won't believe it, that an American could be so dumb in English.

Dialects, slangs…

Countries like America, Ireland, England and Australia have their own dialects and slangs. And not just other countries, in America as well. I could recognize an accent if you from Boston or California or Texas. Even in NY. Also people make their own languages, like at the end Of the words add Ki… Iki loveki youki…. Just regular I love you. Also British would pronounce TT normally, pretty, kitty….. Americans would pronounce double TT as R.

Can you see a difference between Europe and America..

Junk food, fast foods, fashion…… I can't compare myself to Russians, kinda hard…..

What shocked me when I returned to Russia?

There is a lot of stuff that bothers me, but most of all…. Is our children have to pay for their rides on the bus to get to school, every working person in America pays income tax, and those money goes to children, to poor, people with financial problems who gets welfare from government.

What about medical? What if someone can't get to ER, because they don't have any money. In America the ambulance will come and get you and take you to emergency room for no pay. Which would be sign some applications, where you can enter your Medicare number or you healthcare insurance. And no one will send you home because you don't have any money.

Why is it important to learn new Language?

English is our kids future. And it's very progressive. I can see. 10 to 15 years from now, how English + technology will change the world. But unfortunately it won't happen here in Russia. Our next generation won't stay here in this country, where money won't pay for new ideas.

I would like to thank everyone who took their time to come here.